Urban Application Floors and Walls


Urban encapsulates the strength of the material, recalling, with an elegant and marked character, the traditional industrial culture in cutting-edge residential and commercial venues, at the same time reviving the pragmatic minimalism of cement resins.

Range of products

  • Urban Polar 60x60 60x60 cm

    Matt 610010000494,
    Honed 610015000123

    9 mm
  • Urban Polar 45x90 45x90 cm

    Matt 610010000589

    9 mm
  • Urban Polar 60x120 60x120 cm

    Matt 610010000931

    9 mm
  • Urban Ash 60x60 60x60 cm

    Matt 610010000495,
    Honed 610015000124

    9 mm
  • Urban Ash 45x90 45x90 cm

    Matt 610010000590

    9 mm
  • Urban Coal 60x60 60x60 cm

    Matt 610010000496,
    Honed 610015000125

    9 mm
  • Urban Coal 45x90 45x90 cm

    Matt 610010000591

    9 mm
  • Urban Silver 60x60 60x60 cm

    Matt 610010000497,
    Honed 610015000126

    9 mm
  • Urban Silver 45x90 45x90 cm

    Matt 610010000592

    9 mm
  • Urban Silver 60x120 60x120 cm

    Matt 610010000932

    9 mm
  • Urban Cloud 60x60 60x60 cm

    Matt 610010000498,
    Honed 610015000127

    9 mm
  • Urban Cloud 45x90 45x90 cm

    Matt 610010000593

    9 mm
  • Urban Cloud 60x120 60x120 cm

    Matt 610010000930

    9 mm
  • Urban Petrol 60x60 60x60 cm

    Matt 610010000499,
    Honed 610015000128

    9 mm
  • Urban Petrol 45x90 45x90 cm

    Matt 610010000594

    9 mm
  • Urban Polar Ins. Scratch 30x60 cm
    30x60 cm

    Urban Polar Ins. Scratch

    Matt 610080000128

    9 mm
  • Urban Ash Ins. Scratch 30x60 cm
    30x60 cm

    Urban Ash Ins. Scratch

    Matt 610080000129

    9 mm
  • Urban Coal Ins. Scratch 30x60 cm
    30x60 cm

    Urban Coal Ins. Scratch

    Matt 610080000130

    9 mm
  • Urban Silver Ins. Scratch 30x60 cm
    30x60 cm

    Urban Silver Ins. Scratch

    Matt 610080000131

    9 mm
  • Urban Cloud Ins. Scratch 30x60 cm
    30x60 cm

    Urban Cloud Ins. Scratch

    Matt 610080000132

    9 mm
  • Urban Petrol Ins. Scratch 30x60 cm
    30x60 cm

    Urban Petrol Ins. Scratch

    Matt 610080000133

    9 mm

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