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Stones with a determined Material vocation live side by side in a contemporary and metropolitan series, to be used in environments with a strong and original visual impact. The range includes surfaces made of porcelain stoneware inspired by Italian and American slate, in addition to reclaimed Northern European limestone. Two finishes, different sizes and innovative combinations reveal an original soul of the stone, still unexplored and able to characterise residential and commercial spaces with a chic and modern design.

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Beauty and functionality

The Materia collection combines Italian and American slates with an original texture. Four different colours, expressive and natural, are available in a wide range of formats from 30x60 to 80x160. The honed satin and natural surface sets off the realistic slate cut on the tiles.

For outdoor areas, the Grip surface is available in 60x60 format with high anti-slip properties.

Stone effect porcelain stoneware with minimalist graphics is perfect for modern interiors with an emphasis on natural textures and natural materials.

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Porcelain stoneware
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Decorative Vocation

The Materia offers a wide range of decorations to give an expressive effect to interiors. Two decors in porcelain stoneware - Brick Multiline with textured elements and the classic Mosaic 30x30 together with two types of false mosaic for wall cladding - Roma with vintage pixels in three colours and the luxurious Gold and Platinum decor in 30x30 format with an incredible optical effect.

Porcelain Stoneware Decors

Details porcelain stoneware

Materia Magnesio Helio Carbonio Titanio
7.5x30 cm, 8,5 mm
30x60 cm, 9 mm
60x60 cm, 9 mm
60x120 cm, 9 mm
80x80 cm, 9 mm
80x160 cm, 9 mm
  • Natural and non rectified
  • Honed satin and Rectified

Details Italon X2

Materia Magnesio Titanio
60x60 cm, 20 mm
  • Strutturato e rettificato

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Textures for your renderings

You can download high-resolution textures and panels of Materia and other Italon’s collections by registering for free on our Architalon platform that guarantees an access to all necessary materials for your projects.