What is the shade of tiles?

Porcelain stoneware consists exclusively of natural components: kaolin clays, kaolins, sand, feldspars and pigments. it is not possible to predict how these natural materials will behave in the process of pressing at high pressure and subsequent firing at a temperature of 1250 degrees. It is for that reason that, after finishing the technological cycle, porcelain stoneware is chosen not only according to the caliber, but also according to the shade. Before starting the installation of the porcelain stoneware, check that you have purchased the tiles in the same shade. To do this, look at  the information on the packaging. It is important that all boxes have the same reference - «AB4» or «А48», etc. This is is the specification of the shade. To obtain the perfect aesthetic result, Italon recommends buying porcelain stoneware of the same shade.