How to treat glossy and opaque surfaces?

For all ceramic surfaces immediately after laying the tiles, primary cleaning must be carried out from the traces of putty, glue, etc. To do this you should remove residues from the tile surface within 40-50 minutes from laying with pure water and sponge. Afterwards cleaning with acid-based detergents to eliminate micro-impurities is to be carried out. Periodic cleaning of the porcelain stoneware requires the elimination of mechanical impurities through the brush and pure water. It is recommended to use low acid solutions for the removal of traces of dirt, rust, limestone, etc., as well as weakly alkaline solutions that eliminate organic impurities like: grease, oil, etc. It is not recommended to use detergents containing latex, wax and other components that form the surface films and that can facilitate the retention of impurities. Further information on the maintenance of porcelain stoneware can be viewed on the factory website