Italon tiles for a small yet functional apartment in Moscow

Italon porcelain tiles have been chosen for the makeover of a small flat in a big block of apartments in Moscow. The task assigned to DVEKATI architecture studio was not easy, due to the small and standardized layout of the apartment. The owner's requirements, a young cosmopolitan couple, were to improve insulation of all the rooms, included the kitchen, to create storage solutions, to realize a functional kitchen with a small bar area, to find the room for a tub and the washing machine in the small bathroom, to make the living transformable into a children room in the future. The owners had no particular style requirements, just some suggestions from design solutions they had seen while travelling abroad. The bathroom had to be decorated with bold and dark hues as seen in a Berlin hotel, and natural like surfaces had to be preferred, together with geometric decors. To fulfil these requirements the designers have chosen Italon Charme collection and the Optic decor for the bathroom floors and walls. Charme tiles were also used for the entry lobby and the kitchen floor. The result of the designers' work is a functional and comfortable apartment with a European character.

Italon wishes to thank DVEKATI designers Katia Svanidze and Ekaterina Ljubarskaja for their correct and brilliant selection of Italon materials.