What is the difference between full-body coloured porcelain stoneware and glazed porcelain?

Full-body coloured porcelain stoneware is the most advanced technology of production of porcelain stoneware, thanks to which the tile acquires a uniform colour throughout its thickness, and has an additional decoration on the surface, which highlights the aesthetic features of the product. The porcelain produced according to this technology has virtually no restrictions of use due to the high technical and aesthetic characteristics: it can be used in private areas and commercial areas of any kind.

Glazed Porcelain is the type of porcelain stoneware with high recycled content of on which is applied a thin layer of glaze that allows producing a wide variety of colours and decorative effects. The tile also retains all the characteristics of porcelain stoneware. It is recommended to use this product in residential, commercial areas subjected to low traffic of people (cafes, restaurants, shops), as well as wall tiling for interior and exterior use.